Comedian Sarah Silverman isn't known for holding back, and during her visit to Mineola she got the locals to talk Trump, climate change, and poop.  It's been viewed millions of times on Hulu and Youtube in a matter of two days, and we had to post it to see what you think.

She might be poking fun at Mineola (and therefore all of us in East Texas), but the locals seem kind of humored by it all and that makes it all in good fun.  Right?  Maybe it could use a wink emoji.

It's hard not to laugh and be amazed that our East Texas neighbors have hidden these great embarrassing stories from us until now.  I mean, the level of bathroom misfortune is hard to top and they one-up all of us.  Hopefully.

In the I Love You America series on Hulu, Sarah Silverman connects with "un like-minded people," and that search brought her to East Texas.  Like-minded or not, East Texas has some great sports to go along with it.  High five on that, Mineola.

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