If you can get Thursday off & want to take a road trip down to our capital city, there are two ways you can see the Red Rocker.  

First, he'll be doing a "public interview" speaking appearance at the South By Southwest Music Festival.  Then, he & a film crew will be roaming around downtown Austin talking to Festival participants & locals too, for an upcoming episode of his AXStv series "Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar".  

The biggest question Sammy always gets is "will you ever reunite with Van Halen"?  His recent comments on social media about that possibility have been much more optimistic, leading fans to speculate that Hagar & Eddie Van Halen have started to bury the hatchet (& not in each others' heads)!  Sammy told Billboard he's got a couple of very unique "stipulations" for a reunion to happen, but if everyone involved eventually agrees, the results could be incredible!  Here's what he envisions:

Hagar wants to be part of a Van Halen tour that includes all of the band's original players, including bassist Michael Anthony & vocalist David Lee Roth!  Hagar sees a show set list where he & Roth trade off front man duties, alternating between Van Halen & "Van Hagar"-era titles.  Sammy thinks his & David Lee's competitive nature would bring out the best in both.  No reaction from Eddie or Alex at this point (& no indication of how Wolfie fits into this plan- lol), but what a concept!  Let's hope they can work it out...

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