He's a proven all-pro on the field, but it appears Cowboys' running back Ezekiel Elliot didn't use all-star judgement while partying during the Dallas St. Patrick's Day parade last Saturday.  Lesson #1 Zeke:  when you're in public, video cams are everywhere!    

In a story I first saw reported on the NBC 5 website, someone watching Zeke on the roof of a Greenville Avenue bar took footage of him pulling down a woman's tank top so her bare breast was exposed.  After she covered up, Elliot reached over for a second try & the woman slapped his hand away.  As often happens these days, TMZ ended up with the video clips, which can be seen here.

No response yet from the team or the NFL, but a Women's Group has already used the phrase "sexual assault" when commenting on the incident.  Reps for Zeke say the woman was playing along, so no harm no foul.  However, this situation could turn into an even bigger problem given his history.  Elliot's been right on the edge of legal trouble going back to his days at Ohio State, & various national sports reports have said he's the subject of a current league probe for alleged domestic violence incidents.

Calling Jerry Jones:  it's time to sit Zeke down & tell him to wise up about how to conduct himself off the field & in life.  Otherwise, his potentially hall-of-fame level pro football career could come to a screeching halt almost as fast as it first exploded!


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