It's happened to some pretty heavy hitters in the past - the Beach Boys, Deep Purple and the Doors to name a few. What exactly? Band members fighting over who gets to retain the use of the bands name after they split up. Add another one to that list - Live.

OK, technically it's a company called Action Front Unlimited that is doing the actual suing. Action Front Unlimited is a company that was set up by the remaining band members from Live that now hold the band's trademark. According to the lawsuit filed, each band member has an equal share of the company.

The problem comes from former Live front-man, Ed Kowalczyk, has been touring as "Ed Kowalczyk of Live." The other band members are none too happy that Kowalczyk is not informing the public that he is no longer with the band, plus he hasn't been telling the public that his music isn't endorsed by the band. Action Front Unlimited claims this causes "confusion."

Doesn't this seem to happen with every band that breaks up? There should be band pre-nups...bands should prepare for what will happen when they break up. Unless you're the Rolling Stones...

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