It's an argument that can keep the office buzzing for an hour or more, especially on Fridays.  And it's an important score to settle.

How do you refer to soft drinks?  Pop, coke, soda, or something else?  Here's what most Texans say.

Most people in Texas refer to all soft drinks as cokes, whether it's an actual Coke, Sprite, or Pepsi, because it's a habit and we're sticking with it and we all know what we mean.  Agree?  Wikipedia says that's the case too, and says it's not only in Texas that we do it, but across most of the Southern US.

Calling soft drinks "soda" seems a little pretentious, but you are cool and if that's what you call it, you give it some major cool points and everyone should call it that.

I always referred to the individual soft drinks by their given name, so if I wanted a Diet Coke, I'd ask for a Diet Coke.  It's just crazy enough to work, and I've found it's not too hard to carve out that kind of time in the day to go ahead and use the whole title instead of a nickname.  Idk.

No matter how you refer to that category of beverage, soft drink consumption is down across the US, Texas included, and ABC News says it's the lowest point in 30 years.  Energy drinks may be infringing upon the soft drink territory, or the drop in popularity may be because us health-conscious types are worried about sugar, artificial sweeteners and caffeine intake.  (Or just sugar and artificial sweetener intake.)

Do you drink pop?  If not on a daily basis, it is still delicious on a Friday at happy hour with booze, moonshine, liquor, or whatever you call it.

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