This seems like your standard traffic stop, in any country. There’s a vehicle pulled over and the closed-circuit camera in the officer’s cruiser starts rolling. But that’s just about where the “routine” part of the stop ends.

The officer approaches the stopped vehicle, and even though you can’t hear what’s happening, based on your own experiences, you can probably assume he’s telling the driver why he’s pulled him over.  As is the standard practice, he appears to get the driver’s identification and is probably headed back to his vehicle to write up the ticket. Again, very typical in this type of situation, other than the fact that he seems to be a plain clothes officer of some kind.

This is when it gets weird. Suddenly, out of the offending vehicle rushes not a man, but a polar bear/human hybrid of some kind. Oh, but not just any polar bear person, a somewhat intoxicated polar bear person who seems to think it’s a good idea to run erratically toward a cop.

Fortunately, the officer has seen enough nature shows to know exactly what to do in this situation and the polar bear person is restrained. The officer has to be careful though, because polar bears are an endangered species.

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