With a few days until the second weekend of Coachella, the Pixies have decided to offer a four-song sampling of their 2004 concert at the festival in Indio, Calif. The EP can be downloaded from their website.

The Pixies’ triumphant appearance at Coachella was their highest-profile concert since re-forming earlier in the year. The Boston group broke up in 1992 after a brief but six-year career that saw them influence virtually ever major alternative band of the 1990s.

Following the performance at Coachella, the band went on a lengthy world tour, and have since proceeded to tour fairly regularly since, frequently playing festivals. However, they have not recorded a new album since re-forming.

The four songs on the download are ‘U – Mass,’ ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven,’ ‘Hey’ and ‘Caribou.’ The entire concert, which also featured 21 songs, including such classics as ‘Wave of Mutilation,’ ‘Isla de Encanta’ and ‘Here Comes Your Man,’ can be purchased from their website for only $3.99.


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