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With Christmas, comes a lot of gift-giving, especially if you're going to participate in an inter-office Secret Santa gift exchange or some kind of gift exchange when it comes to the company Christmas party.

Office employees all across East Texas will soon be drawing names from an office pool and will quickly become someone's new secret gift giver. I like participating in this fun office game but it terrifies me for two reasons: I'm not sure what to get this other person because I don't know them very well and I have a hard time staying within the budget constraints. Now it looks like my two fears are going to become reality soon!

As the office gets adorned with Christmas decorations, the annual email was sent out inviting anyone to participate in the Secret Santa exchange and so far my name and stocking (from the previous years) have been submitted. All I need to do is sit back and see whose name I get this year! When it comes to our company Christmas party, its been announced that there is a voluntary gift exchange that will happen. This isn't as terrifying to me because you can purchase just about anything and stay within the budget and be ok. So I'm fine with this portion.

If you're like me and are participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange and not sure what to gift your co-worker, I've assembled some ideas for you and hopefully, it'll spark your creative side and find something truly meaningful for them without breaking the bank or going over the budget.

Perfect Ideas For East Texas Secret Santa Or White Elephant Gifts

If you're stuck for a gift for a Christmas party gift exchange or a Secret Santa gift or just a gift in general at any time, check out these great ideas that will run you $20 or less.

We are NOT ENDORSING any product listed here. These items were chosen as representative of the category group.

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