It's National Park Week, and it's a good time for a road trip.

We're halfway through National Park Week, and if you haven't planned a getaway yet, there's still time. And it's nice!  It's April in Texas and the weather is awesome, so we'd better get outside and walk around while we can, without breaking a sweat.

National Parks across the country are hosting a bunch of special programs and events this week, including Wild Wednesday today.  They're saying it's a great day to sleep under the stars, appreciate wildlife, and watch wildflowers.  In other words, it would be a good day for one of those Bluebonnet selfies.

Tomorrow is Throwback Thursday and it's a good day to appreciate the history of National Parks in Texas.  Kids between 5 and 13 can become a Junior Ranger if they answer some questions and report back to park rangers.

Friday will be Friendship Friday, and they're encouraging us to donate, get involved with a volunteer group, or connect with the National Park Foundation to help preserve exhibits and habitats.  Or just take some friends to the park with us and hang out.

Saturday is BARK Ranger Day, and we can take the pups to the park!  And take the pledge for the Healthy People Healthy Parks Initiative. B.A.R.K. stands for:

Bag your pet’s waste
Always wear a leash
Respect wildlife
Know where you can go

Sunday will be Park RX Day, and it's meant to encourage everyone to visit a National Park and make it part of an overall healthy lifestyle plan.  Getting outside can be a stress reliever and a mood improver, so load up every grouchy person you know and get them that park prescription this weekend.

National Park Week runs through Sunday, April 28.

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