In your travels, you've most likely noticed some entertaining personalized license plates. However, not every request for a personalized plate is accepted by the State of Texas. Looking through the list provided by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, I saw some that would look quite well on someone's vehicle. Others would make you give a funny look to the driver.

Here are our seven favorites from the list rejected so far this year.

  • 1


    Is that a bad bad mom or a bad good mom? Context helps.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 2


    Yeah, we're gonna give this a "No". And it doesn't help this is on you Smart Car.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 3


    We see what you did there. That gets a golf clap.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 4


    Why you be thinking you're a big deal?

    Michael Gibson via
  • 5


    It begs the question, what kind of seasoning did you use? Sand? Dirt?

    Michael Gibson via
  • 6


    Go home and turn your computer on like everyone else.

    Michael Gibson via
  • 7


    That's a 10-4 Rubber Ducky.

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