Last month we broke the bank handing out free money to Classic Rock 96-1 listeners tuned in while on the job.  Now our account's been replenished with more cash, & starting today, you have two shots daily to grab $1000 while you're listening at work!    

Here are the three easy steps to take to win...

  • Make sure you've got Classic Rock 96-1 cranked up during our 96-Minute Commercial-Free Music Marathons.  We kick those off every Monday through Friday right after John Boy & Billy at 9am & then again when you get back from lunch at 1pm. 
  • Listen for the 2K-A-Day Workday-Payday Code Words.  We reveal those at some point during each 96-Minute Music-Marathon. 
  • Once you hear the latest Code Word, go here to enter it for your opportunity to pocket $1000.

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