We don't handle the cold very well in East Texas. For many of us, if it drops in the 40's that's cold enough. As someone who prefers the 90 to 100 degree heat of the summer, the next few days are going to be miserable. Just like with the extreme heat, there are items we should not leave in our car during the extreme cold. With the exception of one item, most of us have these in our car on a regular basis.

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We Don't Have a White Christmas, We Have Leaves

Every Christmas season, we hear "White Christmas." The song gives us the illusion of waking up on Christmas morning with the ground covered in snow while we open presents. For us in East Texas, we don't have a white Christmas, we have leaves covering the ground with the possibility of walking around in the sunshine in shorts and flip flops. For Christmas this year, we'll at least have some cold air but no snow.

Extreme Heat and Cold

Every summer in East Texas can be extremely hot, especially when our car has been parked in that heat for a couple of hours. The heat can be so dangerous inside of our cars that it's not safe for people, pets, groceries, electronics or other items. The same can be said when we have those occasional cold snaps.

Christmas Cold Blast

When it does get cold in East Texas, it gets cold. The artic blast coming for our Christmas weekend is going to drop temperatures into the single digits Friday morning and we won't get above freezing until the afternoon of Christmas. With that cold blast in mind, there are some items that need to be removed from your car before it hits because they could be damaged, or cause some serious damage, while in your car.

Take These 6 Items Out of Your Car Before an Extreme East Texas Cold Snap

Make sure these items are out of your vehicle or they could be damaged, or damage your car, during a cold snap.

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