Who needs to get on with the honeymoon when you could stop off for a great rock show first? These newlyweds ended up at Rock the Square on a whim Saturday night.

Thanks to my colleague Mia Tallant for snapping the pic, and for our friends at our sister station for helping us with the show.

Here's the story.

Sherry and Daniel Davila were on their way to Shreveport on Saturday, heard about Rock the Square on Classic Rock 96.1, and made a quick detour to come and hang out with us.

They got married earlier in the day in Temple and happened to be driving through Tyler when they heard us talking about the show and decided Jimmie Vaughan and .38 Special would be a whole lot more fun on a Saturday night than Louisiana.

We're glad you came Davilas!

Since everyone is probably giving you advice right now, let us also add ours. Let's see ...  keep that free and spontaneous spirit and life will always be fun.  Keep the towels and socks picked up and keep the toilet seat down.

When you're having a conversation and you aren't really listening, it's best to answer "Yes dear," and not "Huh?"  nd when you hit a rough patch, turn on Jimmie Vaughan and remember your wedding night.


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