To say its been a crazy ride of pride, excitement, enthusiasm and respect for what "Number 5" has pilled into his short and still growing 3 year NFL career, would at its simplest be a statement of the least amount of words to describe what at times is truly indescribable. Patrick Mahomes story, from the Whitehouse High School playing fields to Arrowhead Stadium as a Kansas City Chief has been dissected to the point of saturation shock around not only the East Texas football fanatics, but as of last Sunday stretched worldwide. Social media has down right been stormed with photo's, video's, highlights from past games he left all of us gasping for air, and an endless array of tributes from across the state that only saw him run a few amazing plays during a football game in 2012 or 2013 where he left many witnesses choking on the term, "How in the hell did that kid do that".


I have seen no less than 7 different merchants/individuals selling a vast assortment of their t-shirts including 6 or 7 different products all representing the buyers crazed enthusiasm for their own hometown hero, Patrick Mahomes and his red and gold followers known as the Kansas City Chiefs. Seeing as the "Fan-Da-Monium" is at an all-time high the week before the Big Game, the newly formed Chiefs Kingdom South, a rather large group of super fans, believers and friends of the NFL's newest transcendent athlete, will gather to celebrate his highlights of past years and share special moments of how Mahomes affected many of us through his play, his natural leadership, and his maintaining a high level of humbleness and integrity along the way.

patrick mahomes
Ashley Wirz, 1340 The Fan

See you at The Den Thursday night. It is the rather large indoor practice facility located adjacent to the student parking lot at Whitehouse High School.


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