It seems like different studies come out on a monthly basis with various analyses either comparing cities in Texas to cities in other states, or measuring the pros & cons of communities within the Lone Star State.  I found an example of each just this morning.

First - a new report from WalletHub looks at "50 key areas of attractiveness" to determine the "Best Big Cities To Live In" across the USA.  This study's premise is based on the fact that populations continue to increase in the nation's largest metropolitan areas at greater rates than previously seen.  The combination of both job opportunities and available entertainment options is driving that growth, and I share these results with you to provide up-to-date info should any of your family members be thinking about making a move.  Among the markers considered to determine final positions on the list: affordability, quality of life, & local economy.  According to these ranks from WalletHub, Austin comes as the 6th best big city in the country.  El Paso finishing at #25 is Texas' next best nationwide representative.

In the second study - this report breaks down the "Worst Places To Live", just looking at towns within the Lone Star State.  These results are based on statistical comparisons of several areas:  median income, home prices, unemployment rate, education budgets, & crime.  East Texas' own Jacksonville has the dubious distinction of landing the #1 spot on HomeSnacks' Top 10 list.

As that one national cable news outlet says, "we report - you decide"!

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