As a gamer myself and a huge pigskin fan, this is a party day -- maybe even a day we will all call in sick (just don't tell my boss!). But save up your sick days because Madden 13 is only a month away. But since the midnight deadline is only moments away, lets rejoice. NCAA Football 13 is here!Let's start by saying this is a great EA Sports franchise.

We all sit at home as a gamer, especially football gamers, and play the best college football game ever invented while pizza boxes never get taken to the trash for at least a few days. We run new offenses and get into the new game features like we are looking for money in a cave.

The new Heisman feature on this year's game is great and the game always plays smooth. So, rejoice my friend and think of me while you are up at 4 a.m. tomorrow, because I will be up with you with bloodshot eyes sticking it to my most-hated team, USC.

Speaking of USC ...

See y'all in line at midnight! If you're not up for a Walmart trip, here is a list of GameStop locations in East Texas that will be open at midnight for the game's release.