Enjoying dinner and entertainment is a great way to spend an evening. The entertainment part can certainly vary depending on what your in the mood for. It could be a night of stand up comedy, which is growing in East Texas, or maybe a stage play or maybe just getting your friends together and playing video games. There is a new place in Plano that lets you enjoy a great dinner all while playing your favorite console, PC or board games.

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I'm all for the promoting of playing video games. It's a fun hobby to enjoy and to collect for. Just step into my apartment and you'll find a gamer's paradise. That would be the inspiration behind the new restaurant and bar Farm + Feed in Plano. Here you can enjoy lunch or dinner while playing your favorite PlayStation 5, XBox Series X, Nintendo Switch or board games.

Dallas Discovered was where I first heard of this restaurant and bar through their TikTok page.

@dallas_discovered 📍 @Farm + Feed #plano #dfw #fyp #gamer #gaming #dallasdiscovered #dallas #pc #Howto #streamer ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

From there, I found the Farm + Feed website which has, at least to me, a cool DOS gaming build aesthetic to it. Their name, Farm + Feed, comes from To Farm or to repeatedly defeat enemies to gather resources or level up in the same area and To Feed to be repeatedly defeated helping the opponent or simply to have a meal.

Their menu is gamer themed with Head Shots (appetizers), Hit Pause (entrees), cocktails like Kirby's Drinkland, Tonic the Hedgehog and Dratini among others. Gamers can get their group together and rent a couch or booth for an hourly fee or rent the Bunker for some private PlayStation, Xbox or Switch gaming with friends.

If this sounds like fun to you, get some more details on Farm + Feed's Facebook, Instagram or TikTok pages.

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