Normally I'm not a big dessert guy. When we go out to eat, it's extremely rare for me to ever say "yes" to the server's question about checking out dessert options.  There IS one exception:  when it comes to sweet treats, I'm always up for ice cream!

Locally, nobody comes close to Andy's Frozen Custard in my opinion, & most likely that's where my celebration of Sunday's special occasion will take place, indulging in a large cup of their incredibly smooth & delicious vanilla or chocolate custard.  (And yes, I am a card-carrying member of their "Yum Squad"!)

While I typically stick with those basic flavor favorites, a recent story  at caught my attention & does have my taste buds tingling.  The article provides a list of 10 amazing ice cream offerings across the Lone Star State.  Whether it's a combination of creamy custard goodness blended with a finely ground snow cone at Fort Worth's Lumi Snow Company, warm donuts stuffed with cold ice cream at Milk N Cream in Dallas,  Smoosh Cookies' ice cream cookie sandwiches in Houston, or unique twists on sundaes & sherbets from various shops & vendors in Austin & San Antonio, Texas is loaded with road trip destination options for ice cream aficionados.

After reviewing the possibilities, my eye's on Austin for a stop at Taco Sweets.  How can you go wrong with a vanilla or chocolate waffle "shell", filled with your favorite ice cream flavor, & topped with whatever "fixins" you prefer, like marshmallows or Reese's pieces, all drizzled with caramel or chocolate sauce.  OMG!  Maybe I can sneak out of work early today...


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