I talked a while back about how I had never watched The Walking Dead. Yes, I know, I need to turn over my nerd card. But during the quarantine, I fired up Netflix and started binge watching the series. Here are my thoughts as I'm deep into season six.


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So I took a bit of a break. This show is so addicting and I'm loving many characters but then, boom, they're killed off. I mean, I almost wanted to quit after losing Tyreese and Bob. I'm now at the point where the group has reached Alexandria. Like a lot of their stops where there is someone who has built a place for a "normal" life, I was super skeptical about the town. What are they hiding? Are their motives true?

Maybe it's because of seeing what Rick and his group has been through that just makes me raise an eyebrow. All in all, it turns out there town is pretty "normal". There's the creepy doctor dude but the rest are cool. Everything is going good until Rick starts going after the doctor because he's a wife beater. For good reason. The conflict comes as to how punishment should be dealt out.

That's easily decided when everyone is at the meeting and the doctor shows up with a sword and kills Reg, another character I really got to like. Deanna, who is married to Reg and is the leader of Alexandria, gives Rick the okay to execute the creepy doctor because of his actions.

There is a small walker attack because Gabriel left the gate open and the group known as Wolves who attack the town and kill many of the residents. This is all while Rick is leading a group to a quarry where several hundred, maybe a thousand, walkers are somewhat blocked off. That's where it all hits the fan.

The walkers are lead out of the quarry, and it's going good, but thanks to the Wolves attack, half of the pack is lead to Alexandria. Thanks to a wall breach, the walkers invade Alexandria. Rick makes a bold move to head to the armory which leads to his son, Carl, getting shot in the eye. That's a whole side story in it's own.

In Rick fashion, he goes nuts but manages to inspire the reluctant residents to take down the walkers that have invaded their town. There are some side stories, Morgan's journey, Carl's conflict with Ron, Rick's conflict with Ron's mother, it's a lot, but man oh man, is it all so good.

The group has gotten the town back together and now we are learning about Negan. I've been told it's about to get to the point where I'm probably going to burn my TV. Here's to finishing season six soon and getting into season seven.

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