The Nintendo Entertainment System debuted in the United States October 18, 1985, ushering in a brand new era in video games. It could have been a complete disaster as the video game market in America had a massive crash just two years earlier. A sleek design, genius marketing and great games made the launch a complete success.

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I still remember the Christmas morning me and my sister opened our Nintendo. We had finished unwrapping our gifts and were already super excited about what we got. Mom and dad brought out one last gift. A rectangular box with a paper grocery bag on each end was placed on the floor in front of us. We each grabbed an end and pulled. I think half of Lindale heard my joyous scream.

So began my love of video games that lasts until this day.

I moved on to different consoles as the years went on but being able to play Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda or Tecmo Super Bowl are still some of my fondness childhood memories. I remember, too, having a game that a friend didn't have, and vice versa, and trading with that friend to check out for ourselves. How about Friday nights when your friend would spend the night and heading to the video store to rent a two player game to play together or battle each other in.

I believe it's been four years now since my parents found that Nintendo we received on Christmas morning in the back corner of their closet. My dad presented it, again, to another excited reaction from me. I have it hooked up and ready to play at a moments notice.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Game on friends, game on.

Michael Gibson's Favorite Video Games

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