Have you ever been browsing the comments section of your favorite website and stumbled across something ridiculous?  Of course you have.

Next time that happens - check the poster's username.

If it's "Ken M" - you've been had.

So, who is Ken?

If you believe his posting history, Ken is a grandfatherly late 50s-early 60s year old man.  He's a trucker  (his profile photo on most websites is that of him behind the wheel of his big rig).  Ken likes his cat, mowing the yard and his wife's delicious cooking...which includes, among other things, slow-boiled hot dogs in the crock pot.

Ken M also has an opinion on practically everything.

And it's usually wrong.

A few examples?  Sure!

Ken is particularly interested in space...

Yahoo News

Ken M frequents other topics.

Here he is regarding drones...



The Spokesman-Review

Ken M on extinct horses:

Live Science

Ken weighs in on brains:

The Sideshow

Ken has thoughts on janitors...

Yahoo News

Sometimes, he has questions about his cat.  So Ken goes to the experts:


Of course, he loves to brag about his beloved wife's cooking:

Woman's Day

Like most of us, sometimes Ken M can get a little hot on the collar about something that rubs him the wrong way:

Baby Center

Ken M is a proud, albeit philosophical, American...

Who Knew? Videos

Comic Books?  Yep.  Ken M has something to share:

Associated Press/Unplugged

Ken M always has a few surprising facts to pass along to his fellow commenters...

Live Science

Given all of his knowledge, Ken M is also studying to become a Life Coach:

Business Insider

Oh...and one more regarding Ken's cooking:


So, just who is Ken M really?

"Ken M" is the digital persona of Kenneth McCarthy, a 35 year old copy-writer for Comedy Central.  Ken  (in real life) says that he initially began trolling the comments section of various websites, more or less, to stop other commenters from taking themselves so seriously.  If they could focus their anonymous ire on "him", well, then maybe the comments section wouldn't be such a bad place after all.

Today, he more or less just does it for the sheer fun of it.

Also, since he's been "outed" online, Ken M is becoming easier to spot.

In fact, he's become so popular that he has own subreddit.  Users that spot his comments while browsing, submit his greatest hits there.  Offline Kenneth makes the occasional appearance as well.

While we almost hate to contribute to making more folks aware of Ken M  (and thus ruining the joke), we like to hope that if our favorite truck-driving, cat-loving, hot dog connoisseur becomes too recognizable, Mr. McCarthy will simply create a new character to continue trolling.

We hope so.

Oh, and the one place Ken M won't troll?

“I tried it with Fox News, but that group is such a furious wasp nest.”