The iconic group of musicians whose signature use of violins and mesmerizing acoustic guitars have defined it throughout the last 4 decades, will bring their amazing musicianship to the Belcher Center in Longview Sunday night September 1st.


Kansas will concentrate their playlist on performing a set of their all-time radio classics beginning with the hugely profitable and breakout album, "Leftoverture".

Traveling the country throughout the summer with original drummer Phil Ehart and lead guitarist Richard Williams leading the way, the 8 man entourage is expecting an enthusiastic sold out Belcher Center to present a rare appearance to East Texas.

Classic Rock 96.1 is proud and pretty darned excited to be a co-sponsor for this performance and will hope to be giving you an opportunity to see the show FREE in the next coming weeks. Keep listening and we will be "shouting out" possible ticket giveaway  chances in the next month.

Tickets for Kansas September 1st are on sale now at starting at $45

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