The Dallas Cowboys came away with a huge win Monday night in New York, defeating the Giants 37-18. But the MVP of that game wasn't even a player, it was the surprise visit of a black cat on the field right before halftime.

This cat proved to be a bit of a lucky charm for the 'Boys. They were not playing well up to that point. But after that appearance, they came on strong while the Giants faltered for the third and fourth quarters. Jerry Jones needs to adopt this cat and bring him or her to the rest of their games. Cowboys fans need to start bringing stuffed black cats to the games.

Of course, memes starting popping everywhere right after. Before we get to those, however, we must hear the play by play from Westwood One Radio's Kevin Harlon while the cat was on the field. Absolute greatness. He even threw a sponsor in.

So great.

Again, the memes immediately after are a lot of fun. Even the Cowboys got in on the meme action.

We got a nice dig at the Jets.

"Whiskers" even has an official stat line for the first half.

And off course, we have to include the angry woman versus the cat at the table.

The Cowboys are now 5-3, 4-0 in the NFC East, and have a tough game coming up Sunday night as the surprising Minnesota Vikings come to Arlington. Bring out the black cats and Go Cowboys!

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