Celebrities expect to always be treated as such, even when eating among us commoners. For this reason, it’s only natural for John Travolta to turn eating at KFC into a spectacle by trying to reserve a table. Of course, he didn’t expect that request to be met with a “Cluck Off!” from a store employee.

Travolta was traveling in England last week with his Scientology buddies and asked one of his reps to call ahead to KFC to reserve a table. The employee said if Travolta and pals wanted to sit and eat, they’d have to wait in line and then get a table like everyone else. Of course, KFC is upset at the employee for not accommodating Travolta’s request. The rest of us think it’s clucking awesome! Good for that guy!

Johnny shouldn’t be eating that much KFC anyway. He knows how it upsets his tummy. Then you know what happens a couple hours later in the potty? GREASED LIGHTING!

[Via NY Post]

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