John Fogerty announced the release of an album titled Fogerty’s Factory, which includes Creedence Clearwater Revival classics and cover versions performed with members of his family.

He created an impromptu band in response to the coronavirus lockdown and has since released a series of videos featuring his three youngest kids: sons Shane and Tyler and daughter Kelsy. The LP’s title and cover art references Creedence’s 1970 album Cosmo’s Factory. It comes out on CD and digital formats on Nov. 20, with a vinyl edition to follow on Jan. 15.

You can see the track listing and a video for "Fortunate Son" below.

“When the world stopped in March due to the pandemic, the news was bleak and scary,” Fogerty said in a statement. “We were all unsure of everything we once knew or took for granted. However, it also brought many of us together, we soon found we had time we never had before.

"Our family wanted to do something that might bring a smile or help others, so [wife and manager] Julie suggested we bring music to ease some of the pain we were all feeling. … This was a wonderful way of connecting with our family and fans through music.”

Watch Fogerty’s Family Perform ‘Fortunate Son’

In a Rolling Stone interview, he emphasized that the performances were never meant to be perfect.

“I didn’t castigate my kids,” he said. “I talked to them like they were professionals. … We don’t have a drummer, but Shane has developed a bass style that’s somewhat percussive and Kelsy played some snare drum. The spirit of the thing was to be fun. It’s supposed to sound like a jam.”

John Fogerty, 'Fogerty’s Factory' Track Listing
1. “Centerfield”
2. “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”
3. “Lean On Me”
4. “Hot Rod Heart”
5. “Blue Moon Nights”
6. “Tombstone Shadow”
7. “City Of New Orleans”
8. “Proud Mary”
9. “Blueboy”
10. “Bad Moon Rising”
11. “Fortunate Son”
12. “Don’t You Wish It Was True”


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