Something like this would happen to me if I ever decided to try getting rich peddling dope.

Picture the scenario:  you've got more than 120 pounds of cocaine packed away in the trunk of your brand new 2017 Ford Mustang.  Since that much coke has a street value of $7-million, your master plan is to haul it from Brownsville up to Chicago for distribution, then come back to Texas after a huge payday.  Piece 'o cake, right?

Just one little fly in the ointment...  While you're cruising along near Texarakana, a State Trooper puts on his flashing lights to pull you over for a traffic violation.

What happened - forget to turn your blinker on for a lane change - center brake light not working?  You wouldn't be crazy enough to be speeding, right?  It doesn't matter why at this point, because this particular Texas Highway Highway Patrol Officer is part of a Canine Unit, & his drug-sniffing police dog heads straight to the back of your fine ride.

Now you're cooked & the pokey is calling your name!

That's pretty much how it played out for a real cocaine pusher this past weekend.

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