If your team wins in preseason football, it's a sign of great things to come. If your team loses, well, "No biggie. It's just the preseason."

Should we be more excited about the Cowboys or Texans right now?

I know, I know ... the excitement level depends on which team you're a bigger fan of, and the Cowboys seem to dominate most of Texas, don't they?

But we love the Texans, too, and they're the ones with a preseason win. The Texans took care of the 49ers over the weekend, and the Cowboys lost to the Chargers on Thursday night. But it's only the preseason.

What are the good stories right now?

There's a lot of good buzz about the Cowboys' La'el Collins at left guard. There's a battle for that spot with Ron Leary, and frankly that's part of the fun of preseason -- to watch the battles within the battle.

Left guard isn't as sexy as quarterback or wide receiver, but those tough, calorie-consuming monsters probably work harder than anyone on the team and deserve a little love.

Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett are competing for the starting QB job in Houston, and Hoyer had a 58-yard touchdown pass Saturday night to boost his stock. Mallett tossed a 2-point conversion.

The season doesn't start for about three weeks, so in the meantime we'll have to be satisfied with soaking up stories about who makes the team and who gets cut.

And we can argue with co-workers about whether moving the extra point attempts to the 15-yard line is a good thing.

Extra points are more like field goal distance now, and less automatic so teams may be more inclined to go for 2.

Ready for football? Yes we are.