There are only two states that will avoid a summer that's hotter than heck, and Texas is not one of them.  Midwest vacation, anyone?

The National Weather Service just issued its outlook and predictions for the summer months, and in just about every state across the US it's going to be hotter than usual.

Texas officially has a 40 percent chance that the summer will be warmer than normal. I know!  My first thought too, is what is "normal" for a Texas summer anyway?  Hot, right?  So there's a 40 percent chance it will be a smidge hotter than hot.  Which I think we have already grown accustomed to, and we pass it off like Wisconsinites do snow.  Heat is nothing that can't be overcome with a little ice cream, AC on full blast, and a good East Texas swimming hole.

There are only two states where it's not expected to be insanely hot this summer, and those are Nebraska and Kansas.  Hmm...I'm from Nebraska originally, and it's not the ideal place for tropical summer getaway.  But if you like corn fields and one-stoplight towns, then head that way and enjoy those partly cloudy and 88-degree days which can happen in July.  In Texas are only shot at those will happen....well...right now.

Heat makes the lake more fun, right?  And beer tastes better.  There is a bright side. And apparently it will be extra bright this summer.

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