I love the YouTube channel, It's A Southern Thing. Their spin on being a southerner is always funny and true. This time, they tackle time travel. But the caveat is you can only time travel in the year 2020. Oh boy. Yeah, if I had a time machine, 2020 would NOT be my destination of choice and that theory is proved in their video.

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I think we all agree that if we got a time machine, 2020 would not be the ideal time to travel back to. But, just for giggles, let's go on that premise, to what point in 2020 would you travel back to. Me personally, I'd travel back to January 1st, 2020. At that point I'd step on the bug I decided not to step on and change the entire coarse of time. Kobe Bryant wouldn't die in a helicopter crash, Australia wouldn't burn and this pandemic wouldn't start.

Alas, we can't do that unfortunately. But the folks at It's A Southern Thing did have some good ideas. One travels back in time to when hand sanitizer didn't "smell like tequila" (that's funny I don't care who you are) and stock up on cleaning supplies. Another travels back to get those items that Taco Bell decided to rudely take off their menu. The last of trio has a time travel malfunction and travels back to January 1st, 2020, but gets stuck and has to relive the year all over again.

Here's to kissing 2020 goodbye, the worst year in the history of mankind.

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