We've seen it in sports a million times.  Somebody gets a pie in the face during an interview.

But can it catch on as the next Ice Bucket Challenge?

If you're like me, you're probably a little glad the Ice Bucket Challenge is winding down.  I mean, it was fun while it lasted and it was awesome seeing so many people have fun suffering under ice cold water to help raise money for ALS.  I did it, and was happy to donate.  But now I scroll right past the Ice Bucket videos on social media and am ready to move on.

Is there more self-humiliation coming though, to benefit a different charity?  Meredith Viera has done it, and if it catches on, this will be the week that it started.  People Magazine says Meredith Vieira took a pie to the face this week to raise money and awareness for homeless pets.

Pies 4 Paws started the movement, and says there are 8 million shelter pets looking for homes, and any money raised from the pies in the face will go to the ASPCA, and toward promoting the adoption of cats and dogs that don't have families right now.

I know, I was about to roll my eyes too at something that appears to be riding on the coattails of the Ice Bucket Challenge's success, and I can't take another video of a Facebook friend screaming about something out-of-the-ordinary that is applied to his or her head.  BUT!  This is for that poor helpless golden retriever in the shelter that's waiting for a home.  And because of that it might catch on.

And besides, whipped cream feels a lot better on the face than a splash of cold water, right?  That was just painful.  This is dessert.

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