We know bills might be staring you in the face right now and if that's where the $10,000 goes, we totally get it.  But what if you could blow it, and spend the entire amount on something wild like fuzzy slippers, cheeseburgers, and hazelnut spread?

Everyone needs an escape right now, and that makes it fun to dream about all of the oddball ways we could spend ten thousand dollars.  It's a good excuse to stop being practical and grounded for a bit.

5 Insane Ways to Spend $10,000

1.  Order 10,000 items off of the dollar menu.  It would be nuts to eat all of those french fries yourself, so this would be more like feeding an arena to help a charity.  It could be done.

2.  Buy all new socks and underwear for the entire family.  If your family is like mine, half of the socks in the house are mismatched, there are some hiding in bedsheets and pant legs, and the rest have holes.  It's a good time to start from scratch.  And then buy flat screens and Chromebooks with the rest.

3. Buy everything online that you have saved in your cart for later.  You don't have to watch items anymore to see if they'll go on sale and you don't have to talk yourself out of impulse buys.  Yes, you do need that bronze elephant statue to watch over the flowers in the front landscape bed, and now is the time to pounce.

4.  Get a family of five into the Caldwell Zoo 153 times.  Admission to the Caldwell Zoo is $15.50 per adult and $11.50 per child age 2 to 12, and that adds up to about $65 each time you go.  Take 153 families with you and go viral on social media.

5.  Buy $1000 Smokehouse Burgers at Texas Roadhouse.  Each Smokehouse Burger costs about $10, and even if you just order five it will be a happy day and you'll have plenty of money leftover to order dessert for the rest of your life. Throw some peanuts on the floor to celebrate.

You've got the chance to win up to $10,000 with us this month, and all of the details are on our mobile app.

The point is, this money can stretch a long way, and you have been waiting for some stress-relieving cash that you don't have to be serious about, so go get it!  The possibilities are endless.

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