Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger has moved to clear up some confusion started with one of his recent online tweets. The musician reveals in a pair of new comments that he is not, in fact, making a guest appearance on the next Pearl Jam record.

His initial tweet showed a photo of himself with his girlfriend and Eddie Vedder in the studio and it read, "In the studio with my girl and Eddie Vedder, recording strings for Pearl Jam's new album." However, Einziger has since clarified that it was his girlfriend, accomplished violinist Ann Marie Simpson, and not himself that was lending a hand in recording.

Apparently the guitarist was just around to lend support while Simpson recorded violin parts during the session. However, it is believed that Einziger's other recent tweet about working with Hans Zimmer on the score for the upcoming summer blockbuster 'The Lone Ranger' is legit.

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