On Aug. 14 Incubus will unleash ‘Incubus HQ Live,’ a very special live CD/DVD collection chronicling a handful of unique live performances that went down in an art gallery in Los Angeles, Calif. The six-show intimate run aimed to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band and share the experience with some of their most avid fans from around the globe.

In a recent interview with Noisecreep, bassist Ben Kenney talked about how meaningful the performances were for the band and how the Incubus fans keep the ship afloat.

Kenny described the special six-day anniversary run as “incredibly fun for the band” and said that the comfortable surroundings made for a very special atmosphere. “It was relaxed, there was no stress of travel,” explained Kenney. “It allowed us to just be ourselves and give the fans something special in a unique setting without worrying about the usual stuff you think about once a record is done and you have to go out and talk about it.”

Describing the bond between the band and their fans, Kenney doled out some serious praise, holding back nothing. “The fans are the reason the band still exists,” Kenney divulged. “There are people that attach good meaning to what we do – people that have made this band part of their lives.” While ultimately being in a band is a job for the five members, it’s their fans that keep them humble. “The fans remind us and ground us and reminds us that we as a band are bigger together than we are as individuals,” Kenney expressed. “I mean, when someone tells you that their day is better because they listened to your music – are you kidding me? That’s just the most powerful thing.”

Fans can pick up ‘Incubus HQ Live’ next week in either a 2CD/1 DVD or 1CD/1DVD set and brush up on their favorite live Incubus tracks as the band gets ready to kick off the Honda Civic Tour this weekend with co-headliners Linkin Park.

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