As far as frivolous lawsuits goes, this might be the most PETTY one of the year of our Lord 2022 but one thing is for sure, I, for one, has at least learned the TRUTH about something that some of you may find shocking to learn as well: Just because it says its Texas, doesn't mean it is.

A grocery shopper in California has filed a class-action lawsuit against the T.W. Garner Food Co., alleging false advertising over their Texas Pete brand of hot sauce.

If you served in the military like I did, then you know that Texas Pete is the OFFICIAL hot sauce of fine military dining facilities worldwide. But did you know that good old "Texas Pete" ain't from Texas at all? He's an East Coaster to exact.

One Guy Angry About This Is Taking Them To Court To Defend Texas' Honor....Surprise, its A Californian.

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Philip White, of Los Angeles, claims he was under the impression that Texas Pete hot sauce was produced in Texas when he purchased a $3 bottle at a Ralph’s supermarket in September 2021, according to a report from KETK. Now before we get into this deeper let me also acknowledge that I too was under the impression that it was made in Texas.

So I Decided To Do Some Digging And Found Out That The Company ADMITS To It Not Being Made In Texas On Their Website.


According to "The History Of Texas Pete" on the company's website, the spicy sauce was created in 1929 in NORTH CAROLINA when Sam Garner and his three sons, Thad, Ralph and Harold, were trying to come up with a brand name for this spicy new sauce they had created. A marketing advisor suggested the name “Mexican Joe” but thankfully they said "no" to that because let's face it, sounds a tad bit "racist". Remember this is 1929 we're talking about.

Thinking Of Texas And Its Love Of Spicy Foods And One Of His Sons Nicknamed "Pete", the brand was born.

But none of that seems to matter to Mr. White and his class action lawsuit. White, in his complaint, points to the brand’s own history as evidence of alleged false advertising. The complaint argues that the Texas branding ultimately hurts smaller companies in Texas that are trying to capitalize on the authenticity of their Texas hot sauce. I mean let's be real here, the sauce has been on the market for more nearly 100 years so its really a stretch.

White’s complaint, filed on behalf of all people in the U.S. who have purchased Texas Pete, asks the court to force Texas Pete to change its name and branding and to pay up.

T.W. Garner Food Co. has until Nov. 10 to respond to the complaint but should they really? I mean the guy is being petty trying to sue a multi-million dollar company over a $3 bottle of hot sauce but if that's the case, he needs to sue....

texas roadhouse

Because "Texas Roadhouse" actually started in INDIANA in 1993, yet you don't see us complaining about "false advertising". So there, you learned TWO new things about Texas today.

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