With the fires still burning in our listening area we got with officials from Red Cross to help you be ready in the event of an evacuation from your home. We hope you never have to implement this but we would rather be safe than sorry.

  • Zhari, Flickr
    Zhari, Flickr

    Important Papers

    Get all of your important papers like mortgage and insurance papers. Find all the birth-certificates, passports and Social security cards for every member of your family.

  • momoc, Flickr
    momoc, Flickr


    If you or anyone in your family routinely take medicine have your medication in easy access and organized for quick retrieval in the event of an evacuation.

  • exfordy, Flickr
    exfordy, Flickr

    Family Photos

    Make sure you have your precious family and wedding photos ready to scoop up if needed. These pictures are often irreplaceable and are devastating to loose.

  • Orin Zebest, Flickr
    Orin Zebest, Flickr

    Pet and Supplies

    If you have a family pet prepare what food and supplies you would need to make sure your pet is comfortable during this emotionally charged time.

  • cleopatra69, Flickr
    cleopatra69, Flickr


    If you have children make sure you have their favorite blanket and/or stuffed animal. Is there something small that you can take with you like a hand held DVD player or other electronic toy? Make sure you have the cords for these devices to make sure you can keep your children's minds off of the conflict going on around them. It won't hurt to have a deck of playing cards on hand.

  • sean dreilinger, Flickr
    sean dreilinger, Flickr

    Clothes and Necessities

    Have a change of clothes for every member of your family. Don't forget to pack a toothbrush, tooth paste and hair brush.

  • juspan, Flickr
    juspan, Flickr

    Baby Items

    If you have a infant or toddler have everything ready in a diaper bag that will keep your child(ren) comfortable. Formula, special foods, diapers, wipes, etc etc.

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