Do you add up how much you spend on Christmas gifts?  I don't!  I always think, "Well, this is only twelve bucks, or that's a good deal for sixty-five...." and I don't tally it all up at the end.  But I think my total ends up being right around average most years.

A new Gallup poll says the average person will spend $704 this year, compared to $768 last year.  We shed a Furby!  Sorry kids.
It's easy to spend more than a thousand dollars if you pick up an iPad or a TV.  And electronics will be the hottest category of gifts this year.
Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  Good for you over-achievers!  I haven't started yet, and I still have one kid that will have a birthday in early December so there is gift-buying to do for that.  And my youngest had a birthday earlier this month.  Thank you, stores, for all the great sales.  Keep 'em comin'!