Over 48-million people watched New England finish off their amazing comeback win over Atlanta in Super Bowl LI on February 5th.  That's about half the number of viewers the Grammy Awards attracted last night.  

Even the Lombardi Trophy presentation during the Post Game show at Houston's NRG Stadium drew more bodies, 28-million, than the 26-million tuning in for the music industry's biggest annual celebration Sunday.  While pro football's championship game is always among tv's top-rated special events, Grammy telecasts have been struggling recently compared to previous years.

The lack of Rock performer's presence is clearly having an impact in my opinion.  Metallica was the only rock band taking the stage this year, & whether or not you respect Lady Gaga as an artist, the advance word of this bizarre collaboration certainly did nothing for the "rock cred" of the telecast.

David Bowie received 5 Grammys for his final project Blackstar- his first time actually winning by the way, yet that was only acknowledged once in 3.5 hours.  Tom Petty's "MusiCares Person Of The Year" award got a token reference from host James Corden as a transition line to something else near the end of the show- nothing more.  Is Rock music considered politically incorrect in the Grammy universe these days?  Given the obvious slant of the "commentary" during the broadcast, maybe there's a connection, hard as it is to imagine.  Come to think of it, perhaps that overall "political tone" is really what's driving away potential Grammy viewers, all by itself!

One final note:  I just couldn't pass up making the Super Bowl vs Grammys ratings comparison, knowing how much it must bother Meryl Streep to see football have that much audience dominance!




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