Have you driven by a Tyler gas station lately and done a double take to make sure you're not seeing things? Prices at some stations have dropped below the $3 mark. It seems odd to cheer for gas, but it kinda makes ya wanna say, "Woohoo!" Especially if you're traveling for Christmas.

In mid to late November, gas prices in East Texas were about 15 cents higher than they are now. A gallon of gas averages about $3.10 in Texas, down from $3.25 around Thanksgiving.

Gas stations in bigger cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio can afford to lower their prices even more because of economies of scale. Less populated areas might have gas prices a few cents higher. But overall, lower prices are blanketing the state, and with the busy Christmas travel season lower prices come at a good time. It won't cost as much to get to Grandma's house.

The experts say prices could spike again in January, so enjoy the reprieve while it lasts.

GasBuddy.com says the lowest price in Tyler in the last 24 hours comes from the Pilot station on FM 14 near I-20. The price there was $2.88 per gallon. Woohoo!

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