Most of the time you don't really pay attention to price of gas until the little light comes on on your dashboard, but have you noticed what's going on with gas prices lately?

It's just something I pay attention to while driving around, the price of gas around town. We've gotten used to the relatively low price of gas over the last month or so, but now it appears as if things are reversing and the price of gas is slowly creeping back up. Now we can't control the price, we have to pay what those little glowing LED lights display on the marquee!

After prices hung out around the $1.75 - $1.79 mark the past few weeks, I noticed a jump at the pump last week. Prices seemed to have increased over the last week and a half with many gas stations selling a gallon of regular unleaded now for $1.89.

According to GasBuddy the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.25 a gallon nationwide and here in East Texas it is $1.89, 31 cents below the national average. We'll need to take advantage of these lower prices now, because they are sure to increase with spring around the corner when more of us will be getting out on the road and especially during summer travel season.

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