Morning rush hour drivers on I-45 outside Dallas encountered some special guests enjoying an unplanned exploration of the area on & around the road!

Video of the event, courtesy of NBC DFW, captures the result of a one-vehicle accident early Thursday morning. An 18-wheeler lost control & flipped over on its side along the edge of the interstate near Wilmer.

The good news: neither the driver of the tractor-trailer, nor his cargo, a semi-full of hogs, was injured in the accident.  However, the pigs were able to escape their confines as a result of the wreck, & for the next hour or so caused quite a traffic dilemma while they took a stroll around the area!

Police were forced to close a stretch of the interstate while animal control authorities did their best to round up the herd.  All of the pigs were eventually corralled & continued on to their original destination (we won't get into that part of the story here =().

You can catch another angle from the FOX News broadcast as well.

Some of the affected commuters were not pleased with the travel delay, but others saw the uniqueness & humor in the situation.  As one noted, it certainly was a one-of-kind ride to work!

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