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With the stress of the holidays upon us, don't let these important shipping deadlines pass you by.

We all know that the pandemic has changed Christmas this year. Many families aren't going to be gathering and celebrating around that beautifully decorated Christmas tree like in past years. Instead this year families will be opening presents via Zoom, Skype, Face Time and other apps this year.

As we prepare to do this, we're ordering things like crazy from online retailers and getting them shipped to our house so that we can then turn around and put some pretty wrapping paper on the box and place it back in the box it was shipped to us in and ship it off to a family member as we watch them open it virtually. With all of these shipments, FedEx, UPS and the USPS are working as hard as they can to get our deliveries to us so that we can make that turn around.

Since there is a demand on the system, some shipping deadlines are a day or so earlier than previous years. The United States Postal Service says this when it comes to shipping presents via the USPS within the contiguous states and you're expecting a delivery date before December 25th, the absolute cut off for:

  • USPS Retail Ground Service - December 15th
  • First Class Mail Service - December 18th
  • Priority Mail Service - December 19th
  • Priority Mail Express Service - December 23rd

Of course actual delivery dates will depend upon a host of other factors - weather delays, how COVID-19 is affecting the area are just a couple. So the sooner you can get those packages in the mail and beat the deadlines, the better your odds of watching your niece or nephew open that new video game you got them via Zoom!

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