Hellyeah and NASCAR seem like a perfect match and fairly soon they will be. The band just announced that they've teamed with FanPyre to co-brand NASCAR driver Jeremy Clements race car for an upcoming race.

As part of the partnership, fan sponsors will also have a chance to have their name decaled on the car, which will race live on April 26 in Richmond on ESPN. In addition, fans who actively participate in the promotion will be eligible to win exclusive Hellyeah music rewards and digital gifts, as well.

Some of the rewards include a digital copy of the band's latest single, a digital poster of the race-ready Hellyeah car, a digital 'Band of Brothers' poster, a discount to a Hellyeah show in your area or VIP cash and prize giveaways.

Drummer Vinnie Paul says in a video promoting the partnership, "Like a lot of you we're down with NASCAR. Help us with our FanPyre campaign and you could become a fan sponsor of the Hellyeah Nascar Nationwide Series Ride piloted by NASCAR driver Jeremy Clements."

To learn more about Hellyeah's Fanpyre campaign and how you can get involved, click here.

Watch Hellyeah's Vinnie Paul Hype the Band's FanPyre Campaign

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