If you are planning on doing any shopping at HEB you will have to put on a mask. This includes Lufkin's HEB store on Timberland Dr. This goes into effect on Wednesday July 1st. They have a sign out front alerting visitors of the change, and they are providing masks if customers need one.

Some exceptions will be made for health issues and children. The workers in various stores are wearing gloves, masks, and continuing to super clean everything in the store. Social distancing is the best way to start, and they are asking that you do

HEB employees around 190 people in Lufkin, and the store is putting their safety, and their customers safety first. Grocery stores are essential businesses, and without them, we would have no choice but to eat out at every meal. This isn't cost effective for your family, and wearing a mask during this small uptick in cases should only be temporary, we can only hope.

This ads to the recommendation/mandate from the City of Lufkin. Though government can't enforce these rules, businesses can. They have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Then if there is an issue with a customer not complying with their rules, they could get security or local law enforcement involved to remove you from their private property.

From what I am hearing out local HEB will not go to such levels, and I am sure no one that can wear a mask will refuse. Wearing a mask reminds you to brush after every meal.





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