So often, it seems like all we're ever hearing about is sad news. Heartbreaking news. News that keeps you awake at night. But then...sometimes...something spontaneously wonderful happens when you least expect it. 

Earlier this afternoon I came across this post that I found sincerely heartwarming and I thought you might, too.

Kileigh Jordan of Longview was heading home yesterday morning when she happened upon a sight that touched her and she paused to take a photo.

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She witnessed a man walking very slowly with a walker down Highway 80. Kileigh wondered if he may be homeless, as we've sadly been seeing more and more homelessness in our East Texas communities as of late.

Then, she saw one of the men pictured in the photo above pull over and head over to greet the man. After which, she noticed the men stop right there on the side of the road to pray together. But it didn't end there...

Apparently this kind man's action encouraged others, too. Because then, Kileigh said she saw another vehicle pull over and someone else got out to pray with another person who was sitting on a nearby corner.

Whatever one's personal beliefs, it's truly uplifting to see East Texans looking out for each other in such a warm-hearted, personal way. In the midst of a world that is so often harsh, cynical, and cold, people like this man and others are touching lives in need every single day.

And isn't that an encouraging thought?

Thank you Kileigh for sharing this. And thank you to all of our fellow East Texans who practice love and kindness every day in a myriad of ways.

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