Hailey Potter is a local artist producing beautiful water color prints and messages in East Texas, with an over-arching theme of encouragement. 

I stumbled upon Hailey's work recently at the Rose City Farmer's Market in Downtown Tyler, and I was struck by her messages. All around me were words of wisdom, home, courage and love.

Beautifully painted, and displayed all around her were words that spoke to her, and to others whose lives she's touched. I visited with Hailey for a few minutes while making my selection, and learned that her work comes from heart.

The words of encouragement and affirmation that she artistically designs resonate deep in her heart, from her own personal life experiences. She told me that her husband encouraged her to do something for her, and that's where her business originally started.

Today she not only produces prints that are coming from her own heart, but she does custom projects as well. Here's a look at some of her beautiful designs.

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