Tammy Roycroft had no idea how close she came to NEVER seeing the Eagles in Dallas. Excited listeners have a long running track record of "selective hearing" when it comes to controlling adrenaline if and when they hear the phone ring after dialing the station. Thursday October 17th was no different.

Me="Classic Rock 96-1, your caller number 6"

Tammy="UUUGGGHHHHH, crap"!

Me="Wait, wait, you're Caller 6, we are looking for Caller 6 girl, don't hang up!"

Out of the phone=(screaming) "Oh OHOHAHAHAHAH YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

She explained quickly that she was so excited about the possibility of getting through, it never dawned on her what caller would get the prize. She ain't the first. The addition of social media vehicles for contesting gives us old dj's fewer opportunities to connect directly with listeners and their instant emotions through the lost art of the "call in and win" situation. There is always a selfish side of this job that wants to be the bearer of "good news", especially when it comes in the form of tickets to see The Eagles in person. Both Tammy and our 1st winner of the day, Deena Bibb of Longview have their own special stories that come with winning last week.

Deena (left), much like Tammy, had no idea what caller she needed to be to win. Our "pitch" on the air always goes like this: "Be caller 6 right now at 903-561-0961". Simply one of those unexplained phenomenons that a majority of us will here the combination of 10 numbers in order, but fail to grasp the single number that comes first. Ask any radio veteran and they will tell you that even though you have to disappoint 5 people, you still get to experience the momentary joy of making someone happy by just answering the studio phone. Deena and her sister Mandy have used music as a way to spend quality time together while enjoying each others individual music tastes. The Eagles are on the "top" of their list of groups they both love. The pic above was taken at Don Henley's Birthday Celebration back in July of 2017 at the American Airlines Center. Deena will, of course, be toting Mandy (right in pic) with her on March 1st 2020 when they get to see Henley with his "other" band.

Robin Marchant, Getty Images

Tammy will be anxiously anticipating an evening out with her husband James who together raised 4 children and currently inspiring me and many others by raising a 14 year old child with special needs. They, like many, are conquering a few recent hardships and see this "win" as a welcome light and the end of a tunnel. The joy I heard and felt in Tammy's euphoria over the phone, in her own words, hasn't settled yet. I took a moment to share Tammy's story with Deena. Her reply was simply, "I would have gladly given her my tickets if she didn't get through". Free tickets to see the Eagles. A woman from Longview, another from Tyler. I have yet to meet either one, but as a representative of Classic Rock 96.1, and my family I can honestly declare this. In the words of Jim Craig, The Man From Snowy River, they are BOTH, welcome by our fire, anytime. Looking forward to meeting you both and thanks so much for listening to Classic Rock 96.1!