Lawmakers in Austin had a late night on Sunday, but they finally made up their minds to approve a ban on texting while driving. This subject has passionate people on both sides of the issue. This is one of those touchy issues where you either agree or disagree. There's hardly no middle ground here. More after the jump.

I'm personally in favor of the ban.  I will admit that I have done it in the past and found myself wondering "was that light green?"  There is no doubt in my mind that this law will save lives.  DPS statistics show that texting while driving is just as dangerous as drinking while driving.

Oprah started a big campaign that has shed some light on the subject.  Her campaign "Oprah's No Phone Zone" is probably the largest of it's kind in the nation.  She's asked her viewers and celebrity guests to sign a pledge to not talk or text while driving.

Currently in Texas the only law against cell phone use while driving is in school zones. The new law that bans texting while driving is currently on it's way to Gov. Perry's desk for a signature.  The fine will be up to $200 when charged with texting while driving.

What do you think about the new law?

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