Girl Scout cookie season is a favorite time of the year for many in East Texas. We'll start seeing tables set up with young ladies ready for you to buy 3,000 boxes of Thin Mints for yourself and a box of Tagalongs for someone else in mid to late January. Friends and family will be on social media telling folks where to find their cookie dealer in front of Brookshire's or Walmart. For the 2024 cookie season, just like everything else lately, you're gonna need a little bit more cash to get your Samoas fix this time around.

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What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

For me, it would have to be the Samoas. I love the chocolate on the bottom with the coconut on top. I love the Thin Mints and Tagalongs, too. I like the plain cookies and lemon ones, as well. I like the Adventurefuls with their brownie and caramel mixture. The Do-si-dos are always great for this peanut butter lover. Oh, oh, there's the S'mores, the chocolate chip. Okay so basically I like all the cookies and want all the cookies.

Who the Cookies Benefit

Its a great achievement for those young ladies as well to sell through their boxes upon boxes of cookies. You teach those ladies a great lesson in running a business and help them raise money for a great organization.

It's Gonna Cost Us a Little More in 2024

Just like we've seen with everything in our lives lately, the price of some Girl Scout cookies will be going up. For instance, Thin Mints may go up in price by $1. Other flavors may see an increase as well (KLTV). This all depends on the local council as far as how much prices will go up.

We love picking up a box or 20 of Girl Scout cookies, just don't be surprised if you get a little sticker shock when picking some up.

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