Tyler and Mineola are hosting Walking Ghost tours this weekend, and the brave leaders will take you inside haunted and historic locations.  Wanna go?

Oh, you brave ones, you are such good people.  You have nerves of steel and you're able to conquer your fears and overcome demons while the rest of us are content letting doom-scrolling be the extent of our Halloween-themed anxiety.

The Tyler and Mineola Walking ghost tours are back this fall, and there are walking ghost tours every weekend.  And they're not holding back.  Organizers say they'll go inside some "very haunted and historic locations on the Mineola walking tours, and if you're on the tour you'll get to experience the eerie side of the town and bump into all kinds of creepy things in the dark. And probably squeeze the heck out of your date's hand, so be prepared for that too.

They'll be using special ghost-hunting equipment and technology on the tour, and the City of Tyler says you'll get the chance to use that equipment yourself on your quest to find a real live ghost.  Or is it a real dead ghost?  Well, either way, it's great that you get to borrow the ghost-hunting equipment.  But what if you actually see something?!

Admission is $10, and tickets go on sale 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the tour. It is first-come, first-serve. Photos are fine, so take your phone, you brave ones, you.

The next walking ghost tour is coming up Friday night, October 8th, from 7 to 9 pm in Mineola, and you can click HERE for more info.

October is the best month of the year!  We'll keep the haunted event info coming.

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