Over the last month or so, I've talked about some things I'd like to see Tyler do to increase the entertainment value of the city. I'll reiterate again, STOP BUILDING RESTAURANTS, we've got way too many to choose from right now. We need to be able to do things in this town. I'm going to talk about a couple of needed options that don't go together but one can be fun for adults and one can be fun for families.

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Gun Range

There are many gun ranges in East Texas. But for the those who love to shoot in Tyler, it can be a bit of a drive to get to a good one. Tyler once had a decent indoor range but that closed down and Tesla now occupies that space. When I was outlining this subject, there were no plans of a new gun range in Tyler, until I saw a post on the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, & Recommendations Facebook group.

A new gun store, Vault Arms, has opened in downtown Tyler and they are planning on opening an indoor gun range later this year. This is great news for the gun owners of Tyler. So this particular problem is pretty much solved. However, there is nothing wrong with another range opening somewhere else in Tyler. This just increases the safe and secure options for those who want to shoot.

Go Karts

I told you these don't go together but can we get a go kart track back in our town? How many of your friends, or your kids, would say no to a Friday night racing against each other? I sure wouldn't turn it down. Longview has a great track that's indoors and a lot of fun. I don't how much more I need to add to convince someone to do this other it would be fun, fun for a church youth group, fun for a work team building exercise, fun for a night with your family or with your friends.

There's also the fact of added jobs in the area. I'm sure there's tax revenue that can be  gained for the city with additions like these which isn't a bad thing. Additions like these will also draw in people from other cities which, again, is always a good thing.

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